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Jinx Trailer

For this promotional trailer for Jinx, a new book series by Sage Blackwood published by HarperCollins, the client asked for something that conveyed mystery, wonder and just a hint of danger and trepidation.

The end result turned out rather lovely, I think. Not bad for only having the layered PSD of the cover art for source material.

Sound design by the magically-coiffured musical genius Greg McGuirk.

Client: HarperCollins
Collaborators: Greg McGuirk (Bennett Innovations)
Timeframe: December 2012
Keywords: video /book

Highlights Hidden Pictures 2012

This iPhone/iPad universal app is an iOS take on the classic hidden pictures puzzle genre Highlights made famous decades ago.

When I was a kid in the 70's, I spent hours finding the screw driver hidden in the bark of a tree or the teacup disguised as a girl's sleeve. When they approached me in the spring of 2012, I could not say no.

The client already had a version of the app, but they wanted a complete rebuild of the concept in order to create something far more flexible and extensible. The finished product features in-app purchases, a comprehensive system for handling hundreds of existing puzzles, parental controls and a system for displaying marketing and other banners based on the user's region- and all of this presented in a variety of languages.

Client: Highlights For Children
Timeframe: November 2012
Keywords: education /entertainment

Don't Open Before Christmas

Another delightful popup book project for the fine folks at Crab Hill Press.

We got the band back together! Troy, Bill, Rachel and I had a wonderful time putting this new one together: a holiday-themed romp about what happens when you open your presents too early.


Client: Crab Hill Press
Collaborators: Bill Doyle: Author, Troy Cummings: Illustrator, Rachel Ericson: Producer
Timeframe: October 2012
Keywords: book

Precast Village

This is a Flash presentation intended to educate the public about the wonders of precast concrete products for public infrastructure projects.

The map elements feature isometric illustrations in the style of Sim-City, and each sub-section page has an animated scene based on the surroundings: cars, trucks, boats, and even a swingset.

Client: National Precast Concrete Association
Timeframe: September 2012
Keywords: education

Axianta Website

This Wordpress site for global architecture and engineering firm Axianta International features project galleries with several dozen photos powered by custom shortcodes. It also uses fancy JQuery to pull off rotating backgrounds without Flash.

Collaborators: Design: Tony Fannin (BeBranded)
Timeframe: September 2012
Keywords: marketing

Denver PrideFest

Here we have an event-driven iPhone app for the 2012 Denver PrideFest, brought to us by the same agency behind the Long Island GLBT center app I made in 2010.

This one features an interactive map of the festival site along with searchable,filterable information on what's happening and where. It even allows users to vote on their favorite parade float or music act.

The app contains several tabs dedicated to the Denver Center's work, and after the festival is all done, the app transforms into something more oriented to the Center itself.

Client: Denver PrideFest
Collaborators: Sue Hoffman (indigo501) Layout & Design
Timeframe: June 2012
Keywords: community

Cash Hoppers

Cash Hoppers is a scavenger hunt app for iPhone with a twist, and as the name implies, that twist is cash. Players rack up points by searching their local communities for the designated items and uploading the photos.

Client: Big Loretta
Collaborators: Tony Fannin (BeBranded) layout & Design, Justin Bolles (ConnectThink) app coding
Timeframe: April 2012
Keywords: entertainment

Lewis Black

This is a re-working of the comedian's existing site to include features that make updates easier for Lewis' social media wrangler.

The site also features a customized implementation of GigPress, but the coolest part I can't properly demo for you: a custom-built GUI for the admin panel to place photos other media in the site's header galleries. She can dynamically position them just by dragging them around. It has been described as "fancy."

Client: Lewis Black
Collaborators: Tony Fannin (Be Branded)
Timeframe: March 2012
Keywords: marketing, /entertainment

"Chomp" Web Promos

In this business, it's always a lot of fun to do work for someone you admire. This was certainly the case when we got the call from Random House / Knopf to put together a pair of promotional teaser trailers for Carl Hiaasen's new book Chomp. I've been a fan of his for years: Tourist Season, Sick Puppy, Native Tongue. The books are fantastic.

Chomp fits in with his series of young-adult books: Hoot, Scat & Flush.

Troy Cummings interpreted the cover art to create vibrant illustration and I made stuff move around on the screen.

Client: Random House
Collaborators: Troy Cummings (Art & Illustration)
Timeframe: February 2012
Keywords: video, /books

Margaret Mary Community Hospital Website

This website for a hospital in Batesville, Indiana is more than just another pretty face. It's got brains, too! This includes an events calendar, physician database, a job posting & employment application system as well as a comprehensive navigation structure for the many medical services they offer.

On the other side of the glass, the site features a bevy of customized administrative tools for managing the plethora of features.

Client: Margaret Mary Community Hospital
Collaborators: Layout & Design: Tony Fannin of BeBranded
Timeframe: January 2012
Keywords: marketing, /community