Present Pile!

present-pileI wasn’t going to make a holiday mini-game this year, but somehow it happened anyway.

This year’s edition is very simple- match colors as the presents stack all the way up to the sky and beyond. Earn achievements and challenge your friends.

Present Pile … click Play today!

It’s all done in html5 so it runs on a phone just fine- though a little sluggish- which reminds me…

Dear Apple, Samsung, et al,
Make a phone with a decent web browser and I’ll buy two of them. By that I mean a browser on the phone that reacts as quickly as a laptop or desktop computer’s web browser. The phone can be utter crap other than that, and I’d love it dearly. It can even shock me every few minutes it it wants, I wouldn’t care.

We can land spacecraft on comets; we can stuff a planet’s worth of technology into a chunk of plastic the size of the human palm, and yet a decent mobile web browser is apparently not a reasonable request.


Merry Christmas, folks.