Stinky Toes The Pirate – Now Available!

screenshot_03Somehow I managed to squeak out enough time since the holiday break to finish this puppy. Stinky Toes is an interactive kids book based on a story I used to tell my son when he was four or five. Now that he’s nearly 13, he proved to be a perfect candidate to provide the voice of Stinky Toes himself.

Blurb: it’s a story of adventure, treasure, friendship, and of course smelly, smelly feet. Phew! Stinky toes comes up with a scheme to go adventuring with his friends, and even though things don’t work out as he’d planned (when do they ever work out as planned, these “things?”) he and his crew have a blast- and so will you! The book is loaded with surprises, and there’s even a little treasure-hunting mini-game because why not? It’s now available on iTunes for super-cheap: LINKIES.

Take a look at the promotional video I spent all of two hours working on last week: YouTube LINKES.